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Blood, Sweat & Tears, 3 (1970)

Things I’ve found enhance the enjoyment of my album-listening experiences: forget the last thing on the table was a 45; wonder when the band got a female lead and jazzed up that soul cut; don’t have a clue about the band’s preceding album. Admittedly, I have a pretty marked-up record, and when it comes to […]

Gogol Bordello, Record Store Day 45 (2010)

Rule of Thumb: You’re welcome to complete more than you set out to do, but don’t let that “extra” get you feeling it’s acceptable to complete less than you set out to do. Case in point, a special Sunday edition doesn’t get me off the hook on Monday! Let’s throw a 45 into the mix. […]

The Shins, Port of Morrow (2012)

I have a confession to make…I bought a CD – no…no, wait; it gets worse – new. Yep. Not vinyl. Not digital download. A compact disssssc. Save my soul. Listen. It comes down to this: I might’ve preferred the record, but I don’t have that kind of change at the moment; I want the artwork; […]

Johnny Cash and The Tennessee Three, “Hello, I’m Johnny Cash” (1970)

The most interesting detail about my copy is a sticky label of scrolling parchment with the words “Ex Recordus Libris” printed above my mom’s signature, maiden surname. If she got it when it was released, she was around 16 – at most, 23. I’ve heard criticism that records don’t make for the best investment, because…how […]

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