Gogol Bordello, Record Store Day 45 (2010)

Check out that babe and her totally kick ass Sony Cyber-shot!

Rule of Thumb: You’re welcome to complete more than you set out to do, but don’t let that “extra” get you feeling it’s acceptable to complete less than you set out to do. Case in point, a special Sunday edition doesn’t get me off the hook on Monday!

Let’s throw a 45 into the mix.

I bought this one at P*Mac Music – Carbondale, Illinois on Record Store Day 2010.
Today, I opened it.

A: We Comin’ Rougher (Immigradiana)

♠B: Trans-continental Hustle

I’m not super familiar with Gogol Bordello, to be quite honest. I love the raucous punk vibrations, and I have heard tell they throw the most killer parties at their shows. Here’s the Artist Statement provided on the band’s site:

Gogol Bordello is meant to be experienced first-hand, and I can’t wait to catch their act someday!
I count myself lucky to have this sweet piece of fun in my collection, like a gooey little nougat of happiness.

(Oh my God. I’ve been doing research into the band so I might be able to add something more substantial to this post, but all I keep turning up is sadness that I’ve never been to a GB show. Especially when I have to live my life knowing the opportunity was presented to me yeeears ago, and I wound up not going. Probably not the stupidest move I’ve ever not made, but up there. [blarg!])

*Update: I’ve been chanting, “immigrada, immigradiana,” under my breath for days.

Familia Undestructable.

Lyrics by Eugene Hütz, Sergey Ryabtsev, Yury Lemeshev, Oren Kaplan, Thomas Gobena, Pedro Eranzo-Segovia, Oliver Charles

Hütz Muzon (ASCAP) / Sergey Strings Music (ASCAP) / Yurrock Music (BMI) / Rat Shack Music (BMI) / Shanko Music (BMI) / Pdrito Music (ASCAP) / Scent Music (ASCAP)

Taken from the [forthcoming] American release TRANS-CONTINENTAL HUSSLE (88697459652)
Album in stores April 27, 2010

Produced by Rick Rubin

american recordings

Columbia Records
c/o Sony Music Entertainment
550 Madison Avenue
New York, NY


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