Bread, The Best of (1973)

EKS – 75056 Stereo
Elektra Records (WB)
Printed in U.S.A.

bread is
Mike Botts * David Gates * James Griffin * Larry Knechtel

Well, Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers Band, you’re going to have to wait.
I’ve remembered a special birthday dedication that needs to go out. Happy Birthday, Dad!

Today, I learn a little more about Bread.

Like, for instance, one could store Bread in cellophane for nearly 40 years….and it’ll keep! AMAZING!

It’s so fresh (how fresh is it?) It’s SO fresh, it glitters!
You heard me, world. Bread just g-bombed my rainy, Monday mid-morning.
There’s always more to say and do, but frankly, my dear…I’m too hungry to think right now.

(I am hilarious, yes.)

Make It with You (3:15);
Everything I Own (3:06);
Diary (3:05);
Baby I’m-a Want You (2:25);
It Don’t Matter to Me* (2:41);
If (2:33)

♠SIDE 2:
Mother Freedom* (2:55);
Down on my Knees (2:44);
Too Much Love* (2:45);
Let Your Love Go (2:25);
Look What You’ve Done* (3:10);
Truckin’* (2:31)

*denotes participation of Robb Royer as artist and/or associate producer

So, I probably came to appreciate Bread most due to a cover of “Guitar Man” that Cake put on Pressure Chief. Listening to the album, I realize how this group has been an ingrained (harharharharharhar) part of a healthy pop culture diet (HARHARHARHARHARHARRRR).
Ok, ok. Let’s not get too cheesy.

True story, Larry Knetchtel wrote an arrangement and played piano accompaniment for S&G’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” From a look at their credentials, all these guys knew their ways around a studio, and they were, collectively, a strong powerhouse for producing solid hits in the early 70’s. In some respects, I’d think booking them with The Beatles would’ve made a killer bill. I would slot Bread first because their rhythm sounds more legato (which leads people to relax more than beat music…), but they seem to be of compatible chemistry and were both studio quartets making music at the same time. I wonder if the groups ever met; I’ll have to look it up.
(*OK, I have been looking it up, but as far as I can tell, the bands never did much of anything together, although Linda McCartney did appear in a cameo role on a British sitcom called Bread. Neat…?)

Remember I said this record was still in its cellophane? Well, I did. The thing is, there’s a cool photo spread inside, so…


The main picture, obviously taken in Texas International Airport, re-sparked one of my original investigative queries, which was trying to tie the band to Texas (if only because Cake chose to cover them, and Cake is from Texas). No member of Bread is from Texas…but perhaps it was a common layover between L.A. and Oklahoma…? I read the band was from L.A., although I don’t think any of the members were from California; that’s just where they recorded. It’s a pretty happening place, Los Angeles. That’s what I hear.

Here’s one last shot:

Produced by: David Gates
Associate producer: James Griffin

Engineering: Armin Steiner
Front/back cover photography: Frank Bez
Tour photography: Emerson-Loew
Art direction & design: Robert L. Heimall

Elektra Records,
Warner Brothers Communications, Inc.
15 Columbus Circle
New York City


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