Nancy Sinatra, Sugar (1967)

Reprise Records/Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc.
Made in U.S. A.

Special thanks to these fellas… GUITARS: Al Casey, Glen Campbell, Donnie Owens, James Burton, Bobby Gibbons, Howard Roberts, Jimmy Helms TRUMPETS: Oli Mitchell, Roy Caton, Virgil Evans, Bud Brisbois, Howard Katz DRUMS: Hal Blaine, James Gordon TROMBONES: Lew McCreary, Dick Hyde, Bobby Knight, Hoyt Bohannon PIANO: Don Randi, Larry, Knecgtel PERCUSSIONIST: Joe Porcaro BASS: Chuck Berghofer, Cliff Hils ELECTRIC BASS: Carol Kaye, Larry Knechtel


So, here’s a perfect example of one of those “hip space-filler” records in my collection. I bought it at Goodwill for “$..50” and never played it. How could I pass up a woman touted as a definitive pop icon of the twentieth century, now being sold at in thrift for one-half of one dollar? If she’s good enough for Quentin, there must be something. It doesn’t have “The Boots…,” but I recognized both “Let’s Fall in Love,” and “Button Up Your Overcoat.”

I’m unable to think “Sinatra” without thinking of Frank, and up until just now, I speculated that Nancy must have been his wife, doing her own thang because her hubby was a no-good, two-timing womanizer. Nope! She’s his daughter. Although, Nancy’s mom’s name is Nancy, so I wasn’t all wrong.

Here’s the album:


“Sweet Georgia Brown,” “Vagabond Shoes,” “Oh! You Beautiful Doll,” “Hard Hearted Hannah,” “All By Myself,” “Coastin’,”.


“Mama Goes Where Papa Goes,” “Let’s Fall In Love,” “What’ll I Do,” “Limehouse Blues,” “Sugar Town,” “Button Up Your Overcoat,” “My Buddy,”.

I thought this was going to be more country kitch rock ‘n roll than I heard here. My perceptions may have been skewed a bit by a scantily-clad Jessica Simpson wiping her Daisy Duke-d butt all over the hood of a car like a dog with worms. I didn’t expect to get more of a cabaret-style, one woman show. There were still traces of hyped up sex icon shining through, but, that’s the cabaret show. It’s funny to me there’s a credit for “cover concept” listed. It’s a hot chick in a bikini, looking like she’s about to pull off the bottom. I wonder how long it took to formulate that concept. Just remember, ladies – if you want to cut a record, go to the gym.

She has a good voice, no question. I’d be a little more impressed if she wasn’t catching the jet-stream fame off Daddy’s career, or if she wrote her own songs, or if she didn’t sell out to the true-but-cheapening adage “sex sells,” but, it’s good singing. I can appreciate it under the acknowledgement of what it is; I don’t have strong opinions here, though. I just want to move on. I’d file it under sexy pop.

Produced by Lee Hazelwood
Arranged and Conducted by Billy Strange
Engineers: Eddie Brackett, Ben Jordan (“Sugartown”)
Recordist: Winston Wong
Cover Concept and Photo: Ron Joy
Guitar solo “All By Myself” – Billy Strange (Courtesy of Crescendo Records)

Nancy Sinatra National Fan Club
c/o Mary Ann Brandt
4000 Warner Boulevard
Burbank, California


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